A prodigious voice profiler and a ‘mad dog’ detective team up to nab the serial killer who killed their loved ones.

Her – Kang Kwon-joo (Lee Ha-na) is rational, determined and unflappable, almost to the point of being tranquil – a transformation forged from sorrow, injustice and helplessness. Intelligent and worldly wise, while possessing an unjaded compassionate humanity, she is one of the most beautiful heroines to grace a Korean drama.

Him – Moo Jin-hyuk (Jang Hyuk, the prolific star of pathos, action and ridiculousness) is a violent crimes detective notorious as the Mad Dog, for he will follow a criminal doggedly and then go berserk on him. He might possess infinite courage, but he struggles to keep his inner darkness and world weariness at bay.

Voice is a dark, soul-sucking cesspool with only a handful of unfazed individuals, some questionable, struggling to clean up the mess. Their efforts are laudable, for it is easy to let fear overwhelm you or to give up entirely in a largely thankless job. The two leads’ untiring humanity burns as a small, bright flame providing you with warmth and hope.

Voice is not without flaws. Plot holes and drops in logic pepper the story with a lack of marked character development. But it’s a tense and hurtling ride, with cliffhangers that make you want to combust involuntarily.

Bonus – Kim Jae-wook and his astonishing cheekbones.