High School King of Savvy

A high school hockey player moonlighting as a corporate director at a real estate firm finds love at the workplace.

Her – She’s socially awkward yet caring, mature yet playful, innocent and wise, generous with her love while setting boundaries and rules. Jung Soo-young (Lee Ha-na) is like an alien adjusting to earthly life, but she’s dependable and a beautiful soul you’ll root for.

Him – Lee Min-seok (Seo In-guk) might be impetuous and hot headed, but he’s the king of cool at his high school and soon ruling the workplace with his confidence and straightforward charm. He is stalwart warmth personified – loyal, protective and loving to the core. He is the glue that binds people together and the ebullience that makes them soar.

An odd pairing at first glance, together they create the perfect harmony. He loves her because she is weird and takes all her neuroses in stride. She guides and tempers his impulsiveness. It is an adorable playful pairing elevated by genius acting.

A rich flavour of side characters – the perpetually harried team leader, loyal pea-brained friends, a senile grandfather, an affectionate father and gangster-like stalking sister – make High School King of Savvy a very tasty, quirky slab of chocolate that warms your cockles on any winter’s day.