Recap of Queen Seondeok Episode 4

Background – King Jinpyeong rules over Silla while contending against the wiles of Mishil. His firstborns were twin girls – Cheonmyeong and Deokman. An ancient prophecy claims that when a king shall give birth to twins, the royal male line shall disappear. Jinpyeong, fearful of offering Mishil any ammunition against himself, bundles away Deokman (the …

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Sylvie and Bruno

Remembering Sylvie and Bruno

When I was 10, I received The Complete Stories of Lewis Carroll. The magnificent tome was a mighty 800 pages thick, of which I had only heard of Alice in Wonderland. Though beautifully sketched, the Alice stories were too fantastical for my taste. Skipping over, I came across a story which piqued my interest called Sylvie and Bruno. A story …

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Beat (1997)

To finally experience an iconic larger than life character, I had to meet Min. Introduced by Jung Woo-sung’s soft voice, Min is a master brawler, pulled into one unfortunate incident then another when tagging with his friends in their quest for mastery over their fate. It is through Min’s soothing steady narration of his life that …

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Kim Jong-hyun

There was a strong refusal to believe it, to accept that something so dire could end what I deemed to be perfect. It was astonishing that a seemingly happy and cheerful person could be suffering so deeply. It had to be a hoax. Like a story unfolding in front of my eyes, a work of …

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Intuition and Rationality

“You get your intuition back when you make space for it, when you stop the chattering of the rational mind. The rational mind doesn’t nourish you. You assume that it gives you the truth, because the rational mind is the golden calf that this culture worships, but this is not true. Rationality squeezes out much …

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A prodigious voice profiler and a ‘mad dog’ detective team up to nab the serial killer who killed their loved ones. Her – Kang Kwon-joo (Lee Ha-na) is rational, determined and unflappable, almost to the point of being tranquil – a transformation forged from sorrow, injustice and helplessness. Intelligent and worldly wise, while possessing an unjaded compassionate …

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